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In such cases, open reconstruction or repair require.

Sometimes, injury around joint or other region is not treatable with arthroscopy.

Dr. Rohit Damor

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(Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Wrist, Elbow, Hip).

Cartilage related problems of various Joints of the body

Centre for Advanced Treatment of Ligament and

Sports + Arthroscopy Centre

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    Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon
    Arthroscopy & Sports Injury Surgeon
    Shoulder Surgeon
    FIAA(Australia), FISS (S.Korea), FIAS(India), FISS(France)

    Dr. Rohit Damor is a well known Robotic Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and sports Injury Surgeon in Ahmedabad Gujarat. He is expert in diagnosis and treatment of knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Ankle and Hip problems. He is head of the Department of Orthopaedics in Cityplus Hospital, Sola & Athen Hospital, Motera, Ahmedabad, a world wide well known centre, famous for dedicated Orthopedic subspeciality like Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Trauma with all modern cutting edge technology.


    Revolutionizing mobility with advanced robotic precision through knee replacement surgery.


    Minimally invasive solutions for athletes, restoring peak performance through arthroscopy and sports injury treatments.


    Regaining strength and mobility, empowering lives through innovative shoulder surgery.


    Restoring freedom of movement and enhancing quality of life with advanced hip and shoulder replacement surgery.


    Elevating athletic performance and promoting optimal recovery through cutting-edge sports medicine interventions.


    Unlocking potential and restoring function with personalized physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs.



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    Robotic Knee Replacement Centre in Ahmedabad

    A robotic arm is used during a total knee replacement procedure to help the surgeon position the artificial knee joint. It is comparable to a conventional total Knee Replacement, but the robotic arm ensures that the implant is put more accurately and precisely.

    How is robotic total knee replacement performed?

    The patient will undergo a CT scan of their knee prior to surgery to produce a 3D model of the joint. The surgeon plans the procedure and programmes the robotic arm using this model.

    The robotic arm is fastened to the patient’s leg throughout the procedure. The surgical instrument(s) are then precisely sliced into the bone using the robotic arm as a guide. The robotic arm also aids in accurately positioning the implant.

    Benefits of robotic knee replacement centre in Ahmedabad

    Robotic knee replacement offers a number of benefits over traditional knee replacement, including:

    1. Increased accuracy and precision: Compared to manual surgery, the robotic arm enables the surgeon to insert the implant with greater accuracy and precision. Better patient outcomes, such as reduced pain, enhanced function, and a longer implant lifespan, may result from this.

    2. Reduced risk of complications: The danger of consequences, such as nerve injury and infection, is reduced thanks to the robotic arm. This is due to the fact that manual surgery is more inaccurate and invasive than robotic surgery.

    3. Shorter hospital stay: Patients who have robotic knee replacement often spend less time in the hospital than those who undergo traditional knee replacement. This is due to the robotic arm’s role in lowering the possibility of problems and accelerating the healing process.

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